Care for Rachel Weiss Designs

Rachel Weiss works with a variety of natural gemstones including druzy, agate, crystal quartz and many, many more. Below are some guidelines to help you care for your new treasures:

Take care with your natural gemstones. Avoid knocking or dropping your stone as they are fragile and can easily crack or break.

To clean your natural gemstones, simply wipe them clean with a soft dry cloth. Do not immerse in harsh chemicals, or use ultrasonic cleaners.

Always remove your jewelry before using any product that contains bleach.  Bleach can cause gold and other metal alloys to break down leaving the metal irreparably damaged.

Besides chlorine bleach, denatured alcohol, turpentine, acetone and ammonia can also cause harm. These chemicals can dull or even pit the surface of the druzy and other gemstones.

Remove your jewelry before showering, swimming or bathing in hot tubs. Avoid exposing jewelry to shampoo or other beauty care products like hair spray, hair dyes, spray tan, lotions or perfumes.

Store your jewelry in a safe place like a pouch, box or lined jewelry case.

With a little care, your natural gemstone jewelry will remain as sparkling and beautiful as the day it was made!