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Ageless Jewelry Etc.

Our Mission

Ageless Jewelry Etc. offers a special experience for a specific buyer who wants to buy jewelry online in a comfortable, relaxed environment, free of hype and surprises at a reasonable price. Shopping online in this warm and trusting environment enables shoppers to relive the atmosphere and warmth of an old-fashioned jewelry store. Mostly a relic of the past, these stores were common in many neighborhoods, often found  tucked modestly between two other locally owned storefronts.


You could find them in most shopping districts, run by local moms and pops who knew what they were doing and knew what you may like. As you strolled by this store on a chilly day, something interests you in their store window. You decided to stop inside for a moment. The bell tinkled as you entered the store. The proprietor looked up from his seat in the center of the store and gave you a friendly wave. He put his big magnifying glass aside to greet you with a smile. The warm store is a relief from the chilly outside and you chit-chat easily together about the rotten weather and your daddy’s back. You mentioned the object in the window and your need for a special gift for a friend. He helped you select a gift with care for the occasion, suggesting styles and trends with an eye on your budget and tastes. When you left the store, you felt satisfied…with your purchase and your experience.

This is our goal and mission: to bring back the personal touch of a jewelry store online, operated by real people for real people.

About Us

The owner of is Cynthia Childs Stevens from Tuscaloosa, AL. She grew up in the jewelry business and wants to go back to her roots. Her mother and father owned and operated a small retail jewelry store in Southeast Alabama.  When she decided to open an online business, her immediate thought was a jewelry business like the one her parents had.

Like her parents, Cynthia offers products and services to meet the needs of the AJE customer. Every item is hand-curated for quality and fashion standards specific to discerning buyers.

As a new store, just opened in 2019, AJE will depend on its uniqueness, word-of-mouth and outstanding products and services to make their mark.

Sample Products:

Jewelry collection from Susan Silver Designs Spring Necklace Collection

Original Designs by Rachel Weiss

 Contact Us

Ageless Jewelry Etc.

Contact: Cynthia Stevens, Owner



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“The jewelry collections of Ageless Jewelry Etc. is specially selected for women looking for classic and current jewelry designs at an excellent price point.”

“The jewelry collections offered by Ageless Jewelry Etc. are uncommon and not easily found online. An excellent selection of unusual and reasonably priced items.”

“Ageless Jewelry Etc. offers a unique selection of gift items for the discerning woman at an affordable price.”