Our Story

My name is Cynthia Childs Stevens and I grew up in the jewelry business.

My mother and father owned and operated a small retail jewelry store in Southeast Alabama.  When I decided to open an online business, my immediate thought was a jewelry business like the one my parents had. 

Although their business was small, my parents had a very good business.  They had other products and services that they offered to meet the needs of their customers but jewelry and watches were their primary business. 

The most important thing I learned from them was to only sell quality lasting products. Every piece of jewelry they sold was high-quality and that would last a lifetime. 

When I started planning my business, I knew that I would follow the plan that worked for them.  

Our Store Then

Located in Geneva County in SE Alabama, this store in the mid-20th century serviced the local residents and was my parent's livelihood and pride. Six days a week, my dad, Mr. Childs, could be found at his workdesk in the shop, examining jewelry, checking inventory, and always ready to greet customers. His expertmanship and honesty were well-known.

In 1975, Hurricane Eloise did great damage in the town. We were so stunned and proud that despite the destruction, Daddy’s sign still stood.

He, along with the other merchants, recovered from the storm and reopened his establishment.

Our On-Line Store Today

 Our goal is to be your neighborhood jewelry store...online. This is a representation of what it looks like...in our mind.

Like my parents did, I have carefully curated the finest jewelry from outstanding manufacturers and individual designers. Every piece you see in my store has been personally selected for my audience of discerning buyers.

Your customer satisfaction is very important to me, and I strive to assure that.  If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to email me at sales@agelessjewelryetc.com or call at 205-966-6171.